Code Of Conduct

Visitor Code of conduct

The Royals Shopping Centre has a responsibility to all our visitors to provide them with a shopping environment that is acceptable to everyone. The Royals wishes to project a family orientated atmosphere that does not offend any visitor's values or beliefs and therefore uphold codes of conduct, which reflect socially acceptable behaviour.

Visitors to the shopping centre and its boundaries are expected to observe the following guidelines:

Swearing, shouting, or the use of other offensive words
Visitors who express themselves publicly in a way which may be considered socially unacceptable will be asked to refrain from doing so. If any visitor persists in disrupting the peace they may be asked to leave the centre.

Spitting, throwing or horseplay
Visitors who are witnessed spitting or throwing anything may be asked to leave the centre. Visitors that are perceived to be engaging in horseplay in the centre, which include ball games, skating, using roller shoes, play fighting or running will be asked to refrain from their activities. If the visitors persist they may be asked to leave the centre.

Vehicles within the centre
With the exception of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, visitors are not allowed to ride any vehicle within the centre. This includes skateboards, cycles, roller blades, mirco-scooters, roller-skates and scooters. Any visitor who enters the centre on a vehicle (other than those permitted) will be asked to leave. Cyclists must not bring their cycles into the centre under any circumstances with the exception of the paramedic services or with written permission from The Royals Management

Visitors are not allowed to bring any animals or pets onto the malls with the exception of assistance dogs.

Dress code
Shirts/tops and footwear must be worn at all times. Visitors will be asked to remove crash helmets.

Climbing or sitting in undesignated areas
Climbing or sitting on any balustrade, barrier, fence, railing or similar is not permitted. Visitors that are not sitting in the designated seating areas will be asked to move to the relevant locations.

Smoking is strictly not permitted in any part of the centre. Any visitors smoking in the centre will be asked to stop smoking or leave.

No begging or busking
Anyone who is perceived to be begging anywhere on the centre property will be asked to leave the premises. Busking is not permitted on The Royals property. All musicians and performers will be asked to leave the premises unless they have permission from Centre Management.

Large groups
Large groups (other than organised events) can be intimidating and cause obstructions on the malls. Any such group may be asked to split up or leave the centre.

Alcohol is only to be consumed within those premises that hold the relevant licenses. Customers must stay within the boundaries of the premises where they have purchased their drinks.

Filming, taking photographs, leafleting or canvassing
Filming or taking photographs for commercial purposes, leafleting, canvassing, or conducting third party interviews or surveys within the boundaries of the property is not permitted without permission of the centre management. Any person found conducting such business will be asked to stop immediately.

Shopping trolleys
Visitors must only use the direct trolley route from stores to The Royals Car Park. Trolleys are not permitted anywhere else in the centre.

This list is not exhaustive and The Royals Shopping Centre reserves the right to ask any visitor to leave the property. In addition any person/s who persistently ignore any of the above or commits crime will be excluded on a permanent basis.